Smada Kediri –

Today the technology of information has grown greatly/fast,The school Online has developed the newest system of  innovation technology  information.School Online is based on technology Internet.This is to relealize  to the young generation of education of our nation.School Online gives scholarship to the poor students but good in or  the brilliant students but lack of funds.

And to open access with external  society.The school has opened the Web site.The purpose,besides giving information  also wants to accept some  positive suggestions from Stockholder  to progress of school On line. We say”thank you” heartily liver for role and help from all parts.

Web School Online in fact [is]  accessed easily  media anywhere and whenever as basin to report on to whole world [of] about every thing about Shool Online.

May God bless  Information technology as existing the human being civilization in this time ever bring dignity for all of us.

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