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(Melali Bali Touring Service – Tour & Travel) is one of the national corporation Bureau in Bali as Place of it’s forming because Bali represent Location of Tourism Primadona Indonesia. Many visitor either from home affairs (Domestik) and also from outside country (International). So that the name of “Bali” weared as the first word from this corporate name to be a keyword which have this can be direct stick and more knowledgeable by all customer or visitor of Traveller which wish to conduct journey of goodness out of Bali and also in Bali. And name “Melali” which represent Balinese meaning to make a trip or take the air, this is more equiping besides Bali as location of tourism people place or take the air also word ” Insensitive” this weared as emphasis of area of[is effort this company, and also as a Bali also have desire conduct journey of tourism see external world of Bali either in rich home affairs by theirself will be multifarious of cultural manner and spread over nation in archipelago of Indonesia from Sabang until Merauke also out country in all angle of World, is so that weared by word ” International” equiping the name of from this company: PT. BALI MELALI INTERNATIONAL.

Product And Services of Melati Touring Services
Bali Melali Tour & Travel offer – Product in the form of Package tours of Tourism either in Bali (In Bond) and also out Bali (Out Bond) covering medium of tourism fascination and obyek of tourism other tourism service and especially which there are Indonesia region and is tidy Package of Tour Religious Service Religion (Religi Tour) to location outside Indonesia region like Package of Umroh, Haji, Package of Tirtayatra and is other, and also carry out Package Tour incentive to all disabled people – Service in the form of is Ready service of pramutourism related to package of tourism sold, ready service of transportation of tourism in the form of ordering of plane ticket, transportation of tourism and rent of vehicle, ordering of accomodation (Hotel & Villa), Restaurant, Place Convention and ordering of ticket show of cultural art and also visit to fascination and object of tourism and also management of journey document in the form of visa and passport or other document which likened.

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