How do I delete a ballot on messenger?

Learn how to delete the ballot within the chat room?
  1. Click on on ??? icon within the higher proper nook of the group chatroom and choose Ballot.
  2. Choose the Open or Closed ballot which you want to todeleted.
  3. Choose Delete Ballot.
  4. When a reminder window seems, press OK to efficientlydelete the ballot.

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Equally, you could ask, how do I delete a ballot on Fb Messenger?

Click on on feedback and particulars subsequent to your ballot.Click on edit this ballot within the prime proper nook. Click on deletethis ballot on the backside.

Moreover, how do you do a ballot on messenger? Whereas in a bunch convo, you possibly can faucet a Polls iconin the compose window, or you may also simply hit Extra and thenchoose Ballot. Create your record of selections, submit it, andthen your mates will be capable to see the ballot in theconversation after which vote accordingly.

Herein, are you able to edit a ballot on messenger?

Ballot choices can‘t be edited after they’readded. Remember the fact that solely group members can vote onpolls.

How do I edit a ballot on Fb?

Ballot choices cannot be edited after they’re added.

To create a ballot in a bunch:

  1. Out of your Information Feed, click on Teams within the left menu and selectyour group.
  2. Click on Write One thing and choose Ballot.
  3. Enter a query after which click on add choice to enter choices forgroup members to pick out.
  4. Click on Put up.

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