Victoria Secret models' salaries: the numbers behind the glitz.

How much does a Victoria Secret model make?

Victoria’s Secret is the world’s most renowned lingerie brand and its Angels some of the most recognizable faces in the fashion industry. But what do the models who strut the runway realistically earn? In this article, we explore the salaries of Victoria’s Secret models and how much they make.

Model Salaries: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Angels are among the highest-paid models in the world. According to Elite Daily, the base salary for a Victoria’s Secret Angel is estimated to be around $100,000 per year. However, top tier Angels can command much higher annual salaries, with some earning up to $1 million or more. In addition to their base salary, Angels can also expect to receive additional compensation for each appearance they make. Appearances on the runway may be rewarded with up to $50,000 or more.

Victoria’s Secret Angels also receive ongoing endorsements from the company. These endorsements can include personal appearances, exclusive photo shoots, and other promotional duties. As part of their agreement with Victoria’s Secret, Angels are expected to promote the brand both on and off the runway. This can include attending events, hosting parties, and generally representing Victoria’s Secret in public.

How Much Do Models Earn?

The amount of money a model can earn for a particular job depends on several factors, including the type of job, the location of the job, and the number of people involved. For example, a model may earn more for a high-profile editorial shoot in a major city than a less prestigious assignment in a more rural area. In addition, a model with more experience in the industry is likely to earn more than a newcomer.

Models can also make money from selling photographs and videos taken of them during their assignments. This income is often referred to as usage fees, and models can receive a percentage of each sale. However, this type of income is more dependent on the model’s personal network than other forms of payment.

Finally, many models make money from sponsorships and product endorsements. This type of income is often based on a model’s influence and popularity, and can vary widely depending on the company and individual model.

This article has explored the salaries of Victoria’s Secret models and the various ways in which they earn money. From base salaries to additional compensation for appearances and sponsorships, Victoria’s Secret Angels are some of the highest-paid models in the world, with the potential to make millions of dollars each year.

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