Types of Logos: Symbols & Logotypes Explained

What are the two types of logos?

Logos are a powerful tool that represent the public face of a business, organization, or brand. There are two distinct types of logos, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article will look at the two types of logos and the categories they fall into.

Types of Logos

Logos can be divided into two distinct types: text logos and graphic logos. Text logos are composed of words and typography, while graphic logos involve more imagery and visual design. Text logos are often used to convey a brand’s message or values, as they can be easily read and understood by viewers. Graphic logos, on the other hand, often feature specific symbols or shapes that are meant to evoke a certain emotion or concept.

Both text and graphic logos have their own advantages. Text logos are usually easier to remember and create, as they often rely on a few simple words or phrases to convey a message. Graphic logos, however, have the power to capture a viewer’s attention and create a memorable image that stands out in the minds of viewers.

Logo Categories

Logos can also be further divided into a variety of categories, depending on the type of logo chosen. Text logos can be divided into abstract logos, lettermark logos, wordmarks, and combination marks. Abstract logos are usually composed of shapes or symbols that don’t immediately represent a particular brand. Lettermark logos are composed of initials, and wordmarks are logos that are made up of a brand’s name. Combination marks are a combination of both abstract symbols and words.

Graphic logos, meanwhile, can be divided into mascot logos, emblem logos, and pictorial logos. Mascot logos are usually illustrated characters that represent a company. Emblem logos are usually composed of a symbol or shape inside a badge or seal, and pictorial logos are logos that are composed of a single image.

Logos can be powerful tools for conveying a brand’s message or values. There are two main types of logos: text and graphic. Text logos are often composed of words and typography, while graphic logos usually feature symbols or shapes. Additionally, logos can be divided into a variety of categories depending on the type chosen. Understanding the different types and categories of logos can help you create the perfect logo for your business or organization.

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