Domesticated dogs once subsisted on a meat-rich diet.

What did dogs originally eat?

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and have been a beloved part of the human family for just as long. As part of our relationship with dogs, we feed them a variety of foods, from the highest quality dog food to table scraps. But what did dogs originally eat?

Origins of the Dog Diet

The domestication of dogs began around 15,000 years ago. They were bred from wild wolves and the two species still share many traits and behaviors. One of the main changes that came with domestication was the diet of the newly domesticated dogs.

Unlike their wild counterparts, which hunted for their food, the diets of domesticated dogs were provided by humans. This meant that the ingredients that made up the dog’s diet could vary drastically depending on where and when it was living. In some cases, the diet of the dog would change to accommodate a new environment or culture.

The first commercial dog food was invented in the 1800s. This new pet food allowed people from all walks of life to feed their pets without having to worry about the quality of the food.

What Did Dogs Originally Eat?

Throughout history, the diet of dogs has varied greatly. In the past, dogs have been known to eat a variety of different foods, from table scraps to bones.

In villages and towns, dogs were often fed scraps from the dinner table. This could include anything from leftovers to bread and vegetables. In some cultures, dogs were even fed meals made from leftovers mixed with animal blood.

In rural areas, dogs were sometimes fed raw meat or bones. This was especially common among hunters who used dogs to help them with their work. Dogs were also known to hunt for small rodents and birds for food.

In addition to their meals, dogs were also given treats that were made from a variety of ingredients. These treats ranged from fruits and vegetables to meat-based treats.

Dogs have been part of the human family for thousands of years. Over time, their diet has changed to suit the culture and circumstances they find themselves in. While the quality of their food may have changed, the love and companionship they provide remains the same.

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