AVG AntiVirus Free 2014

AVG AntiVirus Free not only gives you the top-quality antivirus protection and security features that you’d usually expect only from a paid product, but added privacy features for 2014 help keep your personal information safe both online and on your PC, and the new integrated File Shredder permanently deletes sensitive files to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Add to this our Anti-Spyware Technology and WiFi Guard, and you can be sure that wherever you are, at home or on the move, we’re taking your privacy seriously.

And it’s not just your PC and privacy that we help protect. Performance remains a significant factor, too. We firmly believe that antivirus software should never get in your way, so our smart scanning technology not only reduces scan times, it ensures that they take place when your PC isn’t busy with other tasks. In other words, you can get on and do what you need to without any delays or interruptions.

Improvements to the interface now also give you direct access to our great range of free apps, so we can help protect your mobile and tablet, too. Combine all this with comprehensive free online technical support, and you can be sure you’re getting the best possible free protection, privacy, and performance–that’s now even easier to use.

What’s new in version 2014.0.4259
Minor rearrangements in the Identity Protection component’s dialog.

  • E-mail scanner certification is now correctly updated after virus database update.
  • E-mail scanner certification text appears in the language you opt for during installation.
  • E-mail scanner issue with rare report of ‘NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL’ was fixed.
  • The “Fix it” button is now available if E-mail scanner is not fully functional.
  • Fixed problem with accidental BSOD caused by avgwfp driver.
  • Fixed incorrect file restoring from Virus Vault with specific infections.
  • Fixed issue with wrong message being displayed when editing scanning exceptions.
  • Fixed issue with wrong message being displayed when editing scanning exceptions.
  • Fixed issue with possible false positive detection(sysenter hook).