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hey how is it going bras my name is joe, in today’s video i’m going to show you a secret way to get free robux this trick. actually works i really got free robux as you can see this is going to work basically on how did you complete the steps so all you can do now is subscribe my channel and like this video so let’s start first grab your phone or iPad and enter this website.
You will find the link in the first comment all you need to do is choose the amount of robots you want and enter your username a few seconds in this step the generator is calculating a valid credit card
now this is the last step all you need to do now is complete two of the offers.
Below to get your robux most of those offers are either downloading an application or confirm your email or a quiz i will show you how to do this.
they asked me to download this app now i will go back to the first page to complete another offer they asked me to complete this quiz.
Finally i finished the offers as you can see i have successfully completed the confirmation let me open up the game and see if it worked as you can see guys this is actually work this is really insane you should try this method right now