Darma Car Rental: Cheap Car Rental in Bali Touring Services

(Bali Darma Car Rental: Cheap Car Rental in Bali Touring Services) – when you have a idea to holiday in Indonesia, don’t forget to visit Bali, where in bali you can visit more beautiful beach and island. I suggest you to call one of Bali Touring Services like Car Rental in Bali island, the company is Darma Car Rental. The Darma Bali Car Rental will services you with cheap car rental. Our fully insured vehicles are in excellent condition, rates are including 21% government tax and service. Whether for pleasure or business, we have large collections of vehicles for you to choose.

Feature of Darma Bali Car Rental

  • Our car bookings will require NO Down payment, you simply fill in our reservation form and we will reserve the vehicle upon confirmation.
  • You also have the options to drive the vehicle yourself, or choose to have a personal driver to take you everywhere in Bali Island.
  • Free airport – hotel transfers within limited areas in Bali
  • Discounts available for renting more than 3 days

The address of Darma Bali car Rental is:
Jln. Sedap Malam III
Gang Ratna no.14 Kesiman,
Denpasar 80237 – Bali

Phone Numbe:
+62 361 791 3335
+62 812 460 1446

Also visit our website: www.darmabalicarrental.com

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